Kim Dao Bids Abschied to Berlin

Four days after her trip to Berlin, Kim Dao and cousin said Auf Wiedersehen to their Berlin trip before driving back to the ferry. Before it was time to return to Denmark, Kim Dao took a little walk around the area and joined her cousin for some breakfast . She had a bran muffin, a vanilla smoothie, and went back to Primark to look around more and try on some more clothes. There was some time to eat a salad, lettuce, tomato, potato salad, and two slices of bread at Dean and David’s Fresh to Eat. When Kim Dao and her cousin reached the pier, she went to a vendor to get some sandwiches and candy to take on the  boat  for later on. On the boat, Dao’s cousin had some chips, candy, and hot wings to eat in the car when they returned to Denmark.


When Kim Dao and her cousin got back, she unpacked her present for Asland from Australia. Kim Dao’s dog, Yuki, supposedly sent Asland some dog treats and dental dog sticks.


Dao showed us her Harry Potter shirt, long, white tank top dress, a black and white large checked dress, a black cardigan, some tank tops, and a white dress with a belt that she bought at Primark. Kim Dao bought the white dress in a size eight when she would have preferred a four. Dao bought some makeup and a travel hair brush that she bought for her trip to Amsterdam that is coming next. Learn more: