Deere Doe, Queen of the Unicorns

Doe Deere started out from humble means…and from very far, far away. Deere is originally from Russia, born and raised. She later relocated to New York City, U.S.A where she attended FIT, majoring in Fashion Design. She spent time in both countries, growing up. She has an amazing story of how she developed from a business minded teenager, to one of the largest makeup moguls that owns a make-up brand that is known around the world. Doe Deere is the creator and owner of the popular indie makeup brand, Lime Crime.

At the start of her branching out into the career world, Deere began her entrepreneurship as a teenager who sold temporary tattoos to her friends and peers in Russia at just 13 years of age. She did what every other retail salesperson would do to meet their quota: make them look cool and necessary, and sell, sell, sell! She later moved to New York City and became a musician.

Doe states that being a musician allowed her to appreciate, and be thankful for, small things. Such as being happy for people showing up to your shows, and for learning how to market herself and handle her own career. Deere met her husband in the band she was a part of in New York City, and later, started creating her own makeup. Deere says that she created her own makeup, about a decade ago, because she yearned for bright colored makeup. Lime Crime is known for being one of the first indie makeup brands to create lipstick in bright colors, such as shades of green, blue, and purple. Deere states that she created the brand during a time when having a natural look was in style, late 2000’s. She wanted something to be a unique as her personality.

She soon realized that other girls were interested in the same style and look that she was interested in. From there, Lime Crime was born. Lime Crime has touted itself as makeup that was “made for unicorns”. Meaning that this line of makeup is for people who live to stand out from the crowd, who are bold, and who beg to differ. Apparently, there are a lot of “unicorns” out there, as the brand has been a success for several years. Lime Crime is well-known within the makeup industry and among many renowned makeup artists.

Deere states that her passion behind Lime Crime comes from the need of the “freedom to be herself.” She understands that women are now, more than ever, on a mission to be different and unique, and be unapologetic about it. She advises other women who are ambitious or want to find their place in the world to “tune in to who they are” and that once that has been accomplished, they will be led to their mission and individual purposes in life. Being that this philosophy is what Doe Deere built her brand upon, it makes Lime Crime all the more respectable and gives potential consumers all the more reason to support this company.

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