Betsy Devos – on topic article

When joining the Administration, there were sure to be times when the Secretary of Education would clash with the White House on policy. Education in the US, after all, is not a one-size fit all solution, Education policy comes from fifty states, thousands of units and even greater number of cities and local authorities. However, when faced with disagreement and being overruled, Mrs. DeVos stoop by the Administration in a public stance.



 Commitment to Christian Ideals and Education

Her private commitment to her ideals, her unwavering support of equal treatment and school choice remain. Her background in the church and in the Dutch descendant community in Holland Michigan shaped her core ideas. They are part of the DeVos view of life, her philosophy, and the basis of her values. Loyalty and teamwork are part of her job as Secretary. She must give the President the benefit of her views, but she cannot displace his decision authority. She persists to fight another day.



People that know her are not surprised

From her early days in Michigan through the time she left to become Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos established a reputation for toughness and resolve. She has championed school choice and faced the traditional education advocates that believe there is only one way to educate children. Mrs. DeVos accepts that The USA has chronically underachieved in educational attainment, and we rank far lower among advanced nations than we should. She understands that when a policy does not succeed it is time to consider alternatives.



Past is prologue

Mrs. DeVos has made a practice of confronting opposition in quiet and effective ways. She is not prone to a public demonstration or attention-grabbing headlines. Betsy DeVos is accustomed to fighting for her beliefs and using the resources at her disposal, whether personal wealth or personal persuasion Mrs. DeVos has made a mark on her allies and opposition. Everyone knows she will persist and fight. Her role as Secretary, she has endured criticism and made it quietly but firmly known that her ideals and principles do not bend to appease critics.



 Not New to Power Politics

Mrs. DeVos came to Washington like many other Administration officials as new to Washington. She was not new to politics having worked for decades in Republican national fundraising and Michigan politics.


As Mrs. DeVos develops her persona and reshapes her skills to fit the political and administrative environment, her supporters expect that she will assert her influence for the public good. She is not hostile to public education; she favors a broad and inclusive definition of public education mission. Given the national record up to this time, it clearly is time to look closely at the resources committed to public education. At the end of the day, Mrs. DeVos’s test is in the benefits to the students and their families.


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