Fagali And The Bolstering Of Brazilian Business Trustworthiness

The high-profile corruption scandals in Brazilian companies the past two to three years have encouraged many of the countries businesses to put a greater emphasis on risk monitoring. A recent Deloitte audit study of 100 Brazilian companies revealed this to be the case. The study showed that an emphasis in these companies concerning anti-corruption mechanisms had risen to 73%, up from 59% just the year prior (2015). The story also analyzed the monitoring of these company’s political donations. Deloitte’s is led by Ronaldo Fragoso and Alex Borges.

The study led Fragoso and Borges to officially announce to the business world that risk management practices had definitely and substantially increased in Brazilian companies since 2015. However, as positive their findings in this area are, the study also revealed that there are still improvements in risk management that these companies still need to make. The study primarily looked into five areas of these companies: financial, regulatory, operational, strategic and cybernetic.

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The findings of this study were widely reported by lawyer and Fagali Advocacia member, Bruno Fagali. Having many years of experience in the legal industry, Fagali is today one of the most respected lawyer in the Brazilian legal world. His legal career first began in 2006, after which he worked for several different law firms. He is currently the biggest proponent of revolutionizing the modern business sector of the country.

He wants to make the country’s companies more reliable and trustworthy. This will not only be beneficial inside the country, but it will also likely make Brazil’s business marketplace more attractive to international businesses and investors. Fagali is an internationally recognized expert on Anti-Corruption Law. His particular areas of specialization on this topic include urban law, administrative contracts, administrative improbity actions, administrative and civil liability processes, public civil actions, regulatory law, expropriation actions and popular actions among others.

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