The Rise of Igor Cornelsen in Investment Banking

Igor Cornelsen originated from a place called Curitiba that is in Brazil where he was born 1947. At the age of 18 years, he joined the Engineering School of the Federal University of Parana. In both Parana and Santa Catarina states, it was the only school that was offering engineering course at that time. This led to difficulties in getting admissions in that school due to high competition. After two years of studying engineering, he decided to pursue economics course in the same institution. Immediately after Finishing His Economic Course, he started to work with an investment bank in 1970. This was common practices for engineers in those years.

This was due to Engineers excellent experience in applying the sliding methods while computing the compounded rates of interest. It was a great skill then since many people were not using computers and calculators as they are used currently. Igor Cornelsen was the best in this department. This helped him to get an opportunity to work as a banker in an investment bank. In 1974 his exceptional hard work and commitment made him get a position at Multibanco board of directors. Two years later, he started working as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). After four years, the Bank of America obtained the Multibanco bank. This made Cornelsen resign to pursue other opportunities. The first one that he got was Unibanco which was in the list of the best investing corporation in Brazil. Igor resigned in 1985 when the inflation rate was growing tremendously.

He later joined Libra Bank PLC which is a London Merchant Bank where he got his salary in US Dollars. This was his first time to receive his payment in US Dollars which established a different investment opportunity for him. Mr. Igor and his colleagues from London moved to work with Standard Chartered Merchant Bank after some years of his success in London. In Merchant Bank, he offered services as a member of board directors and also as a representative in Brazil country. He was the most successful member of the board for almost seven years. Starting 1995, Igor Cornelson Started to work on his own company that he founded after his resignation from Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.