Who is Jana Messershmidt?

Jana Messershmidt is an engineer and investor, currently working with Lightspeed Venture Partners as an investor at the time of this writing. The ‘ Jana Lightspeed ‘ duo have been making waves in silicone valley. She went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -One of the top engineering schools in the country-where she got her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Although that is not her current field of work she has maintained fairly close by moving to the business side of silicone valley and staying on the front lines of modern technology.

She has worked in various high profile companies like SmartDrive Systems, Netflix as ‘Director of Business Development’ and Twitter as ‘Vice President, Global Business Development and Platform’ where she was in charge of enterprise sales, developer relations, platform marketing and partner engineering. During her time with Twitter her team was responsible for huge deals made with many big companies such as Google, Apple, IBM, Comcast and Salesforce.

She is also a founding partner of the #Angels an investment collective which focuses of getting more women to the cap tables of successful start ups. Mostly made up of women business leaders mainly from twitter. They have taken the initiative to inspire as well as back many different entrepreneurs in her history with Angels. Some of the more successful ones have been Bird, Cameo, Color, EERO, Winnie, Vector and many others.

Jana Lightspeed her way to acknowledgment and articles, such as Business insider’s “The 43 Most Powerful Female Engineers of 2017” in which she was ranked 10th. Her passions for event organizing and conversations on community building have helped include and promote women in shaping the technology industry. Her strides are making waves in the industry as well as in the engineering community by making it more accessible to women entrepreneurs and aspiring engineers.