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Jojo Hedaya is among the youngest entrepreneurs to have lived. At the age of 24 years, he has managed to create a lucrative business for himself. He is credit with the start of Unroll.Me, an app that is currently used globally by millions of people. Unroll.Me was a result of a partnership between him and Josh Rosenwald. The app was featured in the category of top 10 apps by App Store after only two years of its existence. is efficient and easy to use, two qualities that separate it from the rest. It is an app that deals with the organizing of emails in the inbox in a simpler and better way. Jojo Hedaya schooled at a private Jewish school in New York before moving to Israel for college. He went to Brooklyn College where he first met Josh, and a budding friendship was born.

Jojo and Rosenwald noted that a high percentage of emails are usually promotions or other subscriptions which end up burying the fewer essential emails. They sat down and came up with an app that would tackle this issue without destroying or deleting the subscriptions completely. Unroll.Me was thus formed. It not only organizes the inbox but also rolls a user’s favorite subscriptions into one email. The app has proved handy to many people, and its client’s base continues to grow each day. It took Hedaya and Josh to launch the first version of Unroll.Me and despite having a few setbacks it was featured in The Next Web and Life hacker. These gained it more followers. Jojo advises any entrepreneur thinking of starting a business that they should not take too long to launch their products as it is money consuming.


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Like any other startups, they faced challenges, but through work hard and determination they were able to overcome the difficulties. Jojo thinks that when looking for what business to venture into, one should find something they love and conduct research before starting. Having the necessary skills is another plus for any company. The entrepreneur should also have the desire to learn and be passionate about his/her work. Jojo is a business guru and is nowhere near stopping.

Who is Jana Messershmidt?

Jana Messershmidt is an engineer and investor, currently working with Lightspeed Venture Partners as an investor at the time of this writing. The ‘ Jana Lightspeed ‘ duo have been making waves in silicone valley. She went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -One of the top engineering schools in the country-where she got her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Although that is not her current field of work she has maintained fairly close by moving to the business side of silicone valley and staying on the front lines of modern technology.

She has worked in various high profile companies like SmartDrive Systems, Netflix as ‘Director of Business Development’ and Twitter as ‘Vice President, Global Business Development and Platform’ where she was in charge of enterprise sales, developer relations, platform marketing and partner engineering. During her time with Twitter her team was responsible for huge deals made with many big companies such as Google, Apple, IBM, Comcast and Salesforce.

She is also a founding partner of the #Angels an investment collective which focuses of getting more women to the cap tables of successful start ups. Mostly made up of women business leaders mainly from twitter. They have taken the initiative to inspire as well as back many different entrepreneurs in her history with Angels. Some of the more successful ones have been Bird, Cameo, Color, EERO, Winnie, Vector and many others.

Jana Lightspeed her way to acknowledgment and articles, such as Business insider’s “The 43 Most Powerful Female Engineers of 2017” in which she was ranked 10th. Her passions for event organizing and conversations on community building have helped include and promote women in shaping the technology industry. Her strides are making waves in the industry as well as in the engineering community by making it more accessible to women entrepreneurs and aspiring engineers.

Louis Chenevert’s Tips On Improving Your Business By Investing In Your Employees

Who doesn’t want to boost up their business and consider advancements in their cooperation? There are a number of ways how to achieve it. However, the cardinal chairpersons have a very easy approach to do so.

Spending the money and investing in the working class or employees of your company is the best or supreme approach and an easy way to give a kick to your business. Some of the few reasons are that you are already aware of people, they are already well-trained, you are well aware of their strong and weak areas whereas hiring new people would be a risky choice. One can provoke the employees to perform even better by promoting them to the next level, which creates a sense of healthy competition.

Prime Workplace:

The very first important way to invest in your employees is to provide them with the environment; they would enjoy working and spending time while working. Having a relaxed environment and surrounding would create a very positive impact on the working capacity of employees. Don’t play the game of favoritism and nepotism that rusts the working of employees. Have a light mood environment at meetings and lunch tables.

Acknowledge Hardworking Employees:

Distributing rewards among the hardworking employees kicks their ability of diligent to the next level. This would create a sense of appreciation among the hard workers and a sense of competition among the others. The reward could be of any kind, could be a gift, a certificate, a bonus or extra meals at lunchtime.

Employee Scholar Program:

Providing Employee Scholar Program is another way of the facilitation supplied to workers that would provide them with their educational expenditure, a part of it. Louis Chenevert emphasized that this is a really best way to enhance the productivity of a company.

Team Building:

The team building exercise helps to develop the sense of learning among the employees in group and as teamwork that helps them to perform better that would ultimately boost the company’s productivity and would lead to a healthy progressive way to success.

The Rise of Igor Cornelsen in Investment Banking

Igor Cornelsen originated from a place called Curitiba that is in Brazil where he was born 1947. At the age of 18 years, he joined the Engineering School of the Federal University of Parana. In both Parana and Santa Catarina states, it was the only school that was offering engineering course at that time. This led to difficulties in getting admissions in that school due to high competition. After two years of studying engineering, he decided to pursue economics course in the same institution. Immediately after Finishing His Economic Course, he started to work with an investment bank in 1970. This was common practices for engineers in those years.

This was due to Engineers excellent experience in applying the sliding methods while computing the compounded rates of interest. It was a great skill then since many people were not using computers and calculators as they are used currently. Igor Cornelsen was the best in this department. This helped him to get an opportunity to work as a banker in an investment bank. In 1974 his exceptional hard work and commitment made him get a position at Multibanco board of directors. Two years later, he started working as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). After four years, the Bank of America obtained the Multibanco bank. This made Cornelsen resign to pursue other opportunities. The first one that he got was Unibanco which was in the list of the best investing corporation in Brazil. Igor resigned in 1985 when the inflation rate was growing tremendously.

He later joined Libra Bank PLC which is a London Merchant Bank where he got his salary in US Dollars. This was his first time to receive his payment in US Dollars which established a different investment opportunity for him. Mr. Igor and his colleagues from London moved to work with Standard Chartered Merchant Bank after some years of his success in London. In Merchant Bank, he offered services as a member of board directors and also as a representative in Brazil country. He was the most successful member of the board for almost seven years. Starting 1995, Igor Cornelson Started to work on his own company that he founded after his resignation from Standard Chartered Merchant Bank.

Nine years of Jeunesse anti-aging innovations

Aging is a reality that most people fear. Fortunately, Wendy and Ray for the last nine years have been on a journey to help millions of people to look young and confident about themselves. The company, Jeunesse is now synonymous with great anti-aging products. The business plan of this company is revolutionary on structure, how the products reach the end consumer and the organization management.

With only less than a decade in existence, the company has continued to invest in products that are not only effective but also available, thanks to the active distribution channels. Although Wendy and Ray are still part of the company’s decision-making body, the administrative running of the company is now under Ryan Ogden and Kyle Copeland. Some of the revolutionary products Jeunesse has designed and produced in the past years of operations include the following.

Luminesce® is one of the most popular products of the company. As one of the most successful lines of products, Luminesce® provides the consumers with a variety of products that have anti-aging formulas. The product gives the value for money because it restores the skin radiance. Young skin is the dream of everybody, and a skin that is free from aging lines. The Luminesce® line has six different products for different skins.

Instantly Ageless is another excellent product from Jeunesse. Like is Luminesce®, the product is an excellent remedy for pores fine lines, and wrinkles. It is one of the fastest anti-aging product regarding the final product. As a product, it can give the skin the desired look for just two minutes. The recommended areas to apply this product are areas within the skin that have less elasticity brought by aging.

Apart from Jeunesse being the trendsetter in the anti-aging products, the company has a line of supplements called AM Essentials™. People change in appearance, because of the mineral changes in the body. As one of the best products in the market today, AM Essentials™ has some of the most necessary body essentials. They include Vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B12, Thiamin, and many vital components. The AM Essentials™ helps the body cells to function well.

Fagali And The Bolstering Of Brazilian Business Trustworthiness

The high-profile corruption scandals in Brazilian companies the past two to three years have encouraged many of the countries businesses to put a greater emphasis on risk monitoring. A recent Deloitte audit study of 100 Brazilian companies revealed this to be the case. The study showed that an emphasis in these companies concerning anti-corruption mechanisms had risen to 73%, up from 59% just the year prior (2015). The story also analyzed the monitoring of these company’s political donations. Deloitte’s is led by Ronaldo Fragoso and Alex Borges.

The study led Fragoso and Borges to officially announce to the business world that risk management practices had definitely and substantially increased in Brazilian companies since 2015. However, as positive their findings in this area are, the study also revealed that there are still improvements in risk management that these companies still need to make. The study primarily looked into five areas of these companies: financial, regulatory, operational, strategic and cybernetic.

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The findings of this study were widely reported by lawyer and Fagali Advocacia member, Bruno Fagali. Having many years of experience in the legal industry, Fagali is today one of the most respected lawyer in the Brazilian legal world. His legal career first began in 2006, after which he worked for several different law firms. He is currently the biggest proponent of revolutionizing the modern business sector of the country.

He wants to make the country’s companies more reliable and trustworthy. This will not only be beneficial inside the country, but it will also likely make Brazil’s business marketplace more attractive to international businesses and investors. Fagali is an internationally recognized expert on Anti-Corruption Law. His particular areas of specialization on this topic include urban law, administrative contracts, administrative improbity actions, administrative and civil liability processes, public civil actions, regulatory law, expropriation actions and popular actions among others.


Meet Eric Forsthoefel: A Talented Medical Doctor

Eric Forsthoefel is a specialist in emergency medicine. He is highly experienced when it comes to the treatment of ailments and conditions that require attention and are of critical nature. This brilliant medical doctor is based in Tallahassee, Florida. He works at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. Here, he helps in emergency medicine as well as general emergency. He treats conditions such as fractures, trauma, cuts, cardiac distress as well as other acute illnesses.

Eric Forsthoefel work history

Eric Forsthoefel has been dealing with emergency cases for the last six years. He spends most of his time attending patients in emergency rooms. He is trained to urgently create life-saving verdicts, which can assist patients in case of emergency medical predicament. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel analyses and also stabilizes the ailing individuals in advance. He conducts thorough investigations to find out the actual status of patients. He orders patients in good condition to be discharged and refers those in critical conditions to the intensive care unit.

Rating and satisfaction

Several clients have rated the service of Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on parameters like punctuality, knowledge as well as helpfulness. The largest percentage of his clients confirmed that they were happy with the quality of service he provides. Most of them said the Eric takes enough time to study patients’ distresses and grievances. They also said that the doctor researches thoroughly to know the medical history of a patient before he starts the treatment process.

Eric Forsthoefel has a wealth of knowledge on emergency medicine. This is one of the reasons why he provides quality services to his clients. Eric is licensed and also approved by several licensing boards to provide his excellent emergency medicine expertise. The importance of Board certification is to confirm that a doctor has enough experience, knowledge, and education and is capable of providing the required quality of service.

More about Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Eric Forsthoefel is an alumnus of the University of Louisville. He acquired his medical education at this institution from the year 2009 to 2012. Later, he attended Louisiana State University for the residency program. He accepts insurance cards like Aetna, First Health as well as Medicare.

Betsy DeVos Is Not The Woman That The Democratic Party Has Made Her Out To Be

Many Americans had never heard of Betsy DeVos before she became the Secretary of Education for the United States. During her confirmation hearings, her opposition made it appear as if she had no idea what she was doing. There have been a few other incidences since she has come to Washington that have also made her appear as if she will be a quiet player in the politics of one of the greatest nations in the world. For those who are closest to the woman and for those who have been living in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, or in the state of Michigan for that matter, this is completely opposite to the political reformer and fighter that they have grown to become more familiar with.


As a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos has done so much for her home-state of Michigan where she was born and raised. She attended a private Christian High School in Holland, Michigan when she was younger and went on to graduate from Calvin College, a private college, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics. She also became very involved in politics on the campus and has continued to be involved with the politics in Michigan. She was a local precinct delegate for the Michigan Republican party, and she also served as the Chairwoman of the Michigan Republican party for four years. Her political opponents in Michigan have called her a fierce opponent and a woman who is as persistent as she is determined. They also know her as a reformer who has continually worked to see educational choice put into the hands of American families.


While many democrats usually have nothing good to say about their opposition, that is not the case when it comes to Betsy DeVos. It is true that most Democrats don’t agree with a lot of her stances of political issues but they do respect the woman. The President of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, who mostly supports Democrats, acknowledged that a lot of people tend to underestimate Betsy DeVos. He commented that while she may appear to be plain-spoken and down to earth, she is also a dangerous political opponent to face.


One of the mountains that Betsy DeVos has had to climb is the fact that a lot of her opposition believes she is against public schools. She has already addressed some of their concerns by saying that she expects most American children will continue to attend public schools. On the other hand, she has also been very forward about her support of private schools and charter schools and has, in fact, fought for most of her life so that families in the United States can send their kids off to a school they choose. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, she supported the Potter’s House, which is a K-12 Christian school that is highly diverse. She has also supported numerous other private and charter schools in the state as well as other states. It is her mission to put the choice of where kids receive their education in the hands of their parents, and many see this as a good thing.


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Waiakea Water Brings Something Unique to the Market

Bottled water currently rides a wave of popularity. People now realize that tap water from a faucet might come with far more impurities than initially believed. Bottled water companies now reap the major benefits of such illuminated thinking. Don’t automatically assume all bottled water is the same though. Different manufacturing approaches factor into how the bottled water is produced. For example, certain bottled waters actually derive from altering pH levels in tap water. That’s probably not what consumers expected.


With Waiakea Water, consumers definitely acquire an original type of bottled water. Waiakea Water is dubbed “Hawaii volcanic water” since it comes from rain present on the peak of the Mauna Loa volcano. The water runs through a unique filtration process. Basically, the water pours through volcanic rock gain access to uniquely natural electrolytes and minerals.


A benefit associated with Waiakea Water involves the liquid’s alkalinity. The volcanic benefits of Waiakea Water include the product’s alkaline pH levels. Waiakea Water pH lists in the range of 7.6 – 8.2. Ingesting food and drink loaded with acidic content isn’t exactly beneficial to the body. For this reason, examining the pH scale of drinking works helps. Drinks with low pH scales can create troubles. Tomato juice, for example, comes with pH scale in the 4 range. At such a level, tomato juice may contribute to the demineralization of your teeth. And tomato juice is considered to be healthy. Imagine what sugary soda could do to your teeth.


Waiakea Water emerged as a unique brand and product designed to deliver something truly different to the market. Ryan Emmons founded the company in 2012. Emmons came up with the idea for the brand almost by accident. He discovered water at the base of a volcano and thought the consumer public might be quite interested in it. As it turns out, a great many bottled water consumers appear interested in what Waiakea Water presents.

Women in Power- Mina Ebrahimi

At very young age Mina Ebrahimi was already in business, her parents owned a bakery where at the age of 11 she was already working at the bakery which was located in Seven Corner, VA. Mina began to develop an interest in the hospitality industry, and she continued working in the family business even after it was relocated to Tyson Galleria and later renamed Saint Germain Cafe. Mina Ebrahimi was born from parents who migrated to the United States of America. At the age of 26, she decided to venture into the hospitality sector on her own fully.

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder of Saint Germain Cafe. The catering firm primarily focuses on corporate catering, special events as well as weddings. The food firm is dedicated to delivering delicious dishes, and quality services. Saint Germain Cafe has tremendously expanded and it currently employees more than 32 people who are permanently employed and eight individuals who are work part-time. Several organizations have recognized MIna’s work in the hospitality industry among them SmartCEO’s Brava Awards which is giving to women who are making a positive impact in the community, Enterprise Women of the Year which she was awarded in 2014, Top 40 Under 40 award, as well as Washington Business Journal’s in 2010.

Ms. Mina is not only a business person but her success in the hospitality sector has led to her helping the community in funding non-profit organizations among them 25th Project which is a project established to help the homeless in Northern VA by delivering food, clothing as well as housing. Another organization she supports is Homefront DC which is an organization which supports military families by making sure that their families are secure, stable and robust. Mina Ebrahimi loves animals that is why together with the University of Pennsylvania Penn Vet Working Center she sponsors McBain which their mandate is to develop ovarian cancer discovery tools. Jack Ebrahimi program was founded by Mina at the University of Pennsylvania; the foundation is the only one that offers radiology veterinarian programs in the United States of America. Mina Ebrahimi is dedicated to empowering women of all ages to be future leaders in the corporate world.