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Betsy DeVos Taking Up Her New Position In Trump’s Government

Few hours prior to the move President Trump made of nullifying a national dogma that gave way for students who are transgender to be free to use the bathrooms in school that are in line with their identity, his secretary for education, Betsy DeVos, had a brief meeting with a certain representative of the transgender and gay workers at the department of education. She was said to have given a warning to the representative concerning what was to occur.


Word went round that Ms. DeVos, in her own opinion, was not up for the change that had been made by President Trump. Despite that she offered no public alert that she was against it. Instead, she was there being part of the new policy and even went on to give a briefing to the Conservative Political Action Conference saying that the previous national guidelines were really a great example of the outwit that was in the earlier administration under the reign of Barrack Obama.


However, quite a number of individuals who have worked and associated with Ms. DeVos in her working years have put out a stern warning that she can be a two sided person. They say that she can be so amiable in the eyes of the public yet have an opposite of what she displays behind closed doors. However, in her home area she has a very good reputation of an individual who is a very efficient fighter, and who goes a step further in using the great wealth in her family to punish wrong doers and reward those who work in conjunction with her.


In the politics of Michigan, she was feared by a lot of people not only because of the fact that she is so wealthy, but also she happens to be a very focused lady and once she sets her mind on a particular objective, there is no turning back for her.


When Ms. DeVos came to Washington, she had zero experience working with or for the government, and at the same time could not make up a large part of her relation with the president. She was presented to a particular department where she moved up the ladder so fast and overtook various positions in it, a great feat considering the department in most cases had its upper levels unoccupied.


Her disagreement concerning the access of bathrooms for the transgender put her in a position of doubt in the eyes of an Attorney General by the name Jeff Sessions, who for a long time was a man that President Trump listened to. Nevertheless, a large number of people have mentioned that they have high expectations in her that she will be quick at learning how everything works and eventually find her way around.


For a long time in her line of work, it has been noticed that she had no endearment to public schools because everything she did concerning schools was in favor of private ones. Some say it could be for the fact that she had never had any experience in a public institution.


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Betsy Devos – on topic article

When joining the Administration, there were sure to be times when the Secretary of Education would clash with the White House on policy. Education in the US, after all, is not a one-size fit all solution, Education policy comes from fifty states, thousands of units and even greater number of cities and local authorities. However, when faced with disagreement and being overruled, Mrs. DeVos stoop by the Administration in a public stance.



 Commitment to Christian Ideals and Education

Her private commitment to her ideals, her unwavering support of equal treatment and school choice remain. Her background in the church and in the Dutch descendant community in Holland Michigan shaped her core ideas. They are part of the DeVos view of life, her philosophy, and the basis of her values. Loyalty and teamwork are part of her job as Secretary. She must give the President the benefit of her views, but she cannot displace his decision authority. She persists to fight another day.



People that know her are not surprised

From her early days in Michigan through the time she left to become Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos established a reputation for toughness and resolve. She has championed school choice and faced the traditional education advocates that believe there is only one way to educate children. Mrs. DeVos accepts that The USA has chronically underachieved in educational attainment, and we rank far lower among advanced nations than we should. She understands that when a policy does not succeed it is time to consider alternatives.



Past is prologue

Mrs. DeVos has made a practice of confronting opposition in quiet and effective ways. She is not prone to a public demonstration or attention-grabbing headlines. Betsy DeVos is accustomed to fighting for her beliefs and using the resources at her disposal, whether personal wealth or personal persuasion Mrs. DeVos has made a mark on her allies and opposition. Everyone knows she will persist and fight. Her role as Secretary, she has endured criticism and made it quietly but firmly known that her ideals and principles do not bend to appease critics.



 Not New to Power Politics

Mrs. DeVos came to Washington like many other Administration officials as new to Washington. She was not new to politics having worked for decades in Republican national fundraising and Michigan politics.


As Mrs. DeVos develops her persona and reshapes her skills to fit the political and administrative environment, her supporters expect that she will assert her influence for the public good. She is not hostile to public education; she favors a broad and inclusive definition of public education mission. Given the national record up to this time, it clearly is time to look closely at the resources committed to public education. At the end of the day, Mrs. DeVos’s test is in the benefits to the students and their families.


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Dr. Saad Saad Is Offering Valuable Advice To Those Following In His Footsteps

Now that Dr. Saad Saad has retired from the world of pediatric surgery, most would think that he would want to take time to sit back and relax. As a former surgeon for the Saudi Royal Family and a co-surgeon in chief/co-medical director at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System, he has achieved more than most surgeons could ever dream of.


However, he is not allowing himself to fade into obsolescence. He is providing all of the most important advice to all of the young surgeons out there who wish to follow in his footsteps. As someone who invented a new style of catheter that relies on electromagnetic energy and a visual suction endoscope, he is in a position to teach the world a thing or two.


Dr. Saad Saad is not the type to congratulate himself for the ingenuity that was displayed when these devices were invented. He was asked how he could possibly come up with these ideas and his answer was a rather simple one. Necessity is to blame. He needed these items to make his job easier and so he decided to create them for himself.


This is just one of the crucial lessons that he has decided to impart upon his younger acolytes. While there are always goals that will seem difficult to reach, he is quick to remind those who are just getting started out that every day should be used in the proper manner. Dr. Saad avoids all forms of procrastinating and whenever an assignment comes his way? He makes it his mission to finish as quickly as possible.


He speaks from a place of experience. While he was in medical school, he traveled from Cairo to Beirut in order to take the necessary medical exam that would give him the chance to train in the United States. He did not become overwhelmed by the moment and instead, he rose to the occasion. Learn more:


Thanks to his willingness to embrace the difficult aspects of becoming a top notch surgeon, he was able to rise to the top of his field. Dr. Saad is also passing down his personal rules for the operating room and these tips also allowed him to reach his true potential. He does not allow loud music to be played and each surgery is performed on a full night’s rest.


No personal talking is to take place and a full breakfast is consumed prior to the surgery. While he is retired now, these rules are now being passed down to the younger surgeons that will one day fill his shoes. As a final recommendation, Dr. Saad also tells surgeons that they can benefit from consuming the works of Abraham Lincoln because of his belief that every man is created equally.


Whitney Wolfe Calls Tinder’s Parent Company A ‘Bully’

You may have never heard of Whitney Wolfe, but you have certainly heard of at least one of the apps that she has helped create. As an expert in the dating app field, Wolfe is a co-founder of the wildly popular dating app Tinder that encourages users to swipe left or right on dating profiles depending on their preferences. However, she parted from the company back in 2014 and subsequently sued Tinder for sexual harassment.

Putting the past behind her, Whitney currently serves as the CEO and founder of Bumble, another popular dating app and one of the only apps that centers around women and discourages sexual harassment. Unfortunately, Tinder’s parent company has recently decided to sue Bumble for patent infringement, and many were quick to point out that this could be in response to the bad blood created when Wolfe left Tinder. Wolfe, however, cheekily responded that Bumble “swipes left” to the lawsuit, meaning that they do not want nor accept it.

Her “swipe left” comment comes from an open letter that she penned to Tinder’s parent company after the presentation of the lawsuit. She faced their criticism head on with some complaints of her own; calling Tinder executives “bullies” and stated that they have many times tried to “buy, copy, and intimidate [Bumble]”.

In the face of this challenge, Whitney Wolfe has also decided to use the recent publicity for good. Bumble made a sizable to a humanitarian charity that supports marginalized women. This comes as no surprise to those who know Wolfe personally, as she has had a philanthropic spirit for her entire life. While she was in college, she created a non-profit handbag company that benefited victims of the BP oil spill. Through this effort, she gained essential marketing and humanitarian experience that would come in handy later in her life. Upon graduating from Southern Methodist University, she worked with orphans in South Asia.

Since starting Bumble, Wolfe has taken the dating world by storm. She was recently interviewed at SXSW where she spoke on how important it was for her to make Bumble a safe space for women, as most dating apps are the opposite. She emphasized that she wants to empower the #metoo movement through her app by encouraging a climate of fun, safe dating where kindness is a priority.

Bumble isn’t just about dating, though. Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz are two examples of how Wolfe has cleverly applied the same tactics used in the original Bumble to other aspects of life. Bumble BFF has about the same premise, but it’s used to find friends instead of a romantic relationship. Bumble Bizz can be used to find like-minded professionals to network and discuss innovative ideas. Can your dating app do that?

Personally, Wolfe enjoys spending time with her husband, whom she married last year in southern Italy. It’s safe to say that Wolfe isn’t sweating over this lawsuit and will continue providing safe, enjoyable dating opportunities for people all over the world.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: President Of Bradesco Bank Looks Forward

Brazil continues to be a leading regional power in the South American continent. The country’s industries have far surpassed most of its neighbors capacity for economic output. The banking industry in the country of Brazil is no exception. Just recently was announced that one of the country’s largest banking entities would be experiencing a shift in leadership.

Bradesco bank is currently one of Brazil’s largest banking entities. For the last several years the company has been led by chief executive officer Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco recently announced that a successor had been chosen. The successor is known as Octavio Lazari. Octavio Lazari was only one of a potential of seven other candidates. Bradesco bank had seven vice presidential candidates who were in a position to potentially assume the role of president in the company. This change in the leadership of the company comes as no surprise as the company had already extended the age limits for the company’s leadership position from 65 to a maximum age of 67 years in September 2016. This was done in order to delay the replacement of Luiz Carlos Trabuco as president for the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been recognized internationally as one of the most powerful men in the entire country of Brazil. In 2009 he was ranked among the 100 most influential members of the Brazilian nation. In 2016 he was again listed among the best chief executive officers in the entire nation by American magazine Forbes.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a very long career and originally began as an entry-level employee in the banking industry. At the age of 17 began to work as a clerk Bradesco bank. Over the next 15 years, he worked in a number of different job positions for Bradesco bank and eventually was promoted to marketing director for the company. As marketing director for the company, he was able to modernize the communication of the bank with that the nations media. With this modernization of the communications between the bank and the media, the relationship between the two grew ever closer. He continued to serve as the marketing director for Bradesco bank for a period of eight years until 1992 when he was promoted to chief executive officer of a branch of the company that was focused primarily on private pensions. Continued to work in this position until the year 1998. In 1998 he became the managing director of Bradesco bank where only one year later he was then elected to executive vice president of the Corporation. While serving as the Executive Vice President of the Corporation, he was able to launch the company on the New York Stock Exchange. By launching the company on the New York Stock Exchange, he accelerated the corporation’s growth. By the end of his tenure, the company had experienced a doubling of the size of its assets, and it had solidified its position as one of the leading companies in the Brazilian economy with a market share equivalent to 25%.

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Deere Doe, Queen of the Unicorns

Doe Deere started out from humble means…and from very far, far away. Deere is originally from Russia, born and raised. She later relocated to New York City, U.S.A where she attended FIT, majoring in Fashion Design. She spent time in both countries, growing up. She has an amazing story of how she developed from a business minded teenager, to one of the largest makeup moguls that owns a make-up brand that is known around the world. Doe Deere is the creator and owner of the popular indie makeup brand, Lime Crime.

At the start of her branching out into the career world, Deere began her entrepreneurship as a teenager who sold temporary tattoos to her friends and peers in Russia at just 13 years of age. She did what every other retail salesperson would do to meet their quota: make them look cool and necessary, and sell, sell, sell! She later moved to New York City and became a musician.

Doe states that being a musician allowed her to appreciate, and be thankful for, small things. Such as being happy for people showing up to your shows, and for learning how to market herself and handle her own career. Deere met her husband in the band she was a part of in New York City, and later, started creating her own makeup. Deere says that she created her own makeup, about a decade ago, because she yearned for bright colored makeup. Lime Crime is known for being one of the first indie makeup brands to create lipstick in bright colors, such as shades of green, blue, and purple. Deere states that she created the brand during a time when having a natural look was in style, late 2000’s. She wanted something to be a unique as her personality.

She soon realized that other girls were interested in the same style and look that she was interested in. From there, Lime Crime was born. Lime Crime has touted itself as makeup that was “made for unicorns”. Meaning that this line of makeup is for people who live to stand out from the crowd, who are bold, and who beg to differ. Apparently, there are a lot of “unicorns” out there, as the brand has been a success for several years. Lime Crime is well-known within the makeup industry and among many renowned makeup artists.

Deere states that her passion behind Lime Crime comes from the need of the “freedom to be herself.” She understands that women are now, more than ever, on a mission to be different and unique, and be unapologetic about it. She advises other women who are ambitious or want to find their place in the world to “tune in to who they are” and that once that has been accomplished, they will be led to their mission and individual purposes in life. Being that this philosophy is what Doe Deere built her brand upon, it makes Lime Crime all the more respectable and gives potential consumers all the more reason to support this company.

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The Effects of Contraband Cell Phones in Prison with Robert Johnson

Securus Technologies is a high technology company that is based in Texas. Despite the emerging designers and the competitors in the field, there is none of them that have been able to take its position in the market. The company’s role is to connect the inmates with their loved ones in the free world. They also have a role in protecting the public from getting hurt by the convicts in jail.

Securus Technologies uses the Wireless Containment System to help stop the use of the contraband cell phones in the facilities. The option of eliminating the signals around the cells would have been perfect, but the federal law restricts jamming or blocking of signals from any area. What Securus Technologies is doing is providing a mobile system in the facilities. All the calls that come from the cells pass through them, and they have the power to do what they want with the calls. For the years that the firm has been in the market, they have managed to block 1.7 million inmates.

Convicts having contraband cells in the correctional facilities is a major hazard especially to the officers working in the prisons. It is equally hazardous to the public. Recently a baby was shot in his mum’s arms following an order from the facilities. They said that they were not pleased with the actions of the uncle of the nine months old baby.

Robert Johnson has vowed to keep working towards eliminating all the illegal phones in the cells, following his incidence with the issue at hand. Robinson remembers the fateful morning, which he thought was a normal day like the rest. He had woken up to go to work, but he never got to work on this particular morning. He heard a loud bang on his front door, and he called out to the intruder to come to the hallway to ensure his wife was not hurt.

Sure as he thought, the man came and after a little struggle they were joined by other men, and at this juncture, all he remembers is loads of guns pointed on his head and waking up in a hospital bed. Robert Johnson says that the doctors kept telling his wife that he couldn’t make it. His wife assured him that his purpose in life had not been fulfilled and he wouldn’t die. It must be this faith that held him back.

As his wife predicted, Johnson has been serving to eliminate the contraband cells that are in the facilities. He says that the inmates began the battle and he is the one to end it. Johnson has undergone more than 23 surgeries since the accident. He lives in pain every day of his life, but this has not stopped him from exercising his duty as the Securus Technologies consultant.


The Success Of Bob Reina

When you think of successful entrepreneurs, the name Bob Reina immediately rings a bell. He is an American Entrepreneur who is a former policeman but now owns a video empire bringing the video marketing and email marketing into another level.


Bob Reina rose into greatness in 2004 when he wished to email a video to his mum. Not listening to the discouragements that it could not be possible, Bob Reina went ahead and perfected this art of putting videos in emails with the help of an IT savvy who was his friend.


He is currently a man that wears a variety of hats: not only is he an entrepreneur but also a CEO and the star of countless online video productions. His determination and enthusiasm has made it possible for him to be recognized all over the world.


Working as a policeman for over 10 years Bob Reina felt that the little salary he was getting was not enough. He was introduced into the network marketing industry and decided to take it as a part-time job. His passion for network marketing and splendid work ethic made him leave his full-time career behind to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions.


With his innovative vision, charismatic leadership and self-drive, Bob Reina founded the Talk Fusion Video Marketing Company in 2007. This company enables video emailing possible to business owners and entrepreneurs. Bob Reina not only makes money from this company, he also believes in giving generously to the society. Giving back is part of Talk Fusion culture.


Through this company Reina has touched people’s heart in different ways–from providing uniform for local sport team, providing funds to a young Russian boy who needed surgery, donating money to different charitable organization, among others.


Being in the force, Bob Reina learnt to always be on the lookout. He was taught to always look to the future and plot his next move. This philosophy and his leadership skills he has propelled Talk Fusion into gaining its success. Learn more:


In conclusion, Bob Reina greatest joy is to see others grow and become what they dream to become in life. His Inspiration comes not in the things he has done, but in positive feedback he gets a lot of how Talk Fusion has changed so many lives. He is a very good example to people who want to take a leap of faith to achieve their dreams.

Hussain Sajwani Is The Pattern For Success

Hussain Sajwani could be the ultimate in the eyes of the world when it comes to a person who is able to capitalize on the next best thing, but he will tell you that early in life he had some doubts. It all began when he worked for his father in the family business in Dubai. His father forced him to work very long hours after school, which made young Hussain wonder if life as a business owner was worth it.


However, as he looks back, he states that these formative times held him in good stead as he really learned how to work hard and become organized. He went on to college and eventually graduated with degrees in Engineering and Economics.


Sajwani’s first real business opportunity came about as a food service operation where he worked for Americans in many different places such as Somalia, in the Gulf States and in Bosnia. He was also heavily invested in working with the US Army during Desert Storm for which he received various commendations for the excellence of the service.


In 2002 formed the DAMAC company which was and is a real estate development and management company. From a very inauspicious beginning, he quickly brought the startup into a rapidly growing concern with his penchant for aggressive marketing and promotion. The organizational skills he learned with the food service operation were valuable as he had to organize and develop DAMAC to the dynamic company that is has become today.


Mr. Sajwani properly forecasted a rapid growth in the real estate market when it was announced that the UAE would allow foreign nationals to purchase and own property in the Emirates. Today his vast array of apartments, hotels, and resorts are a testament to his abilities. He has even partnered with Donald Trump, prior to his running for President of the US, to build Tiger Woods-designed golf courses in a few of the more luxurious resorts.


DAMAC has focused on the high end of the residential real estate market in Dubai and in the middle east. With such brands as Versace, Bugatti, and Fendi Interiors, the result has been an overwhelming success of luxury accommodations. People are very eager to do business with DAMAC because of the high quality of living that is achieved.


In the company mission statement, it reads that DAMAC desires to deliver the utmost in luxury living to investors. It goes on to say that the company seeks only the highest qualified architects, engineers, and designers for the company’s projects.

Talk Fusion Opens An Online Platform For Training Its Associates.

For a long time now network marketing has been in the headlines through its effectiveness when selling services and products. This success has gets attributed to its flexibility, its reliance on the network people have with one another and the prospect of pitching a potential client about a product directly. The business model itself is multilayered with every person in the sales chain team enjoying the benefits of every particular commodity sold. It is usually in the form of commissions apart from the profits realized.


It is on this basis of marketing that Talk Fusion got founded, and as a result, over the years the company has immensely enjoyed great periods of success. The company has built its niche across the globe as one of the most reputable network marketing firms.


In its success Talk Fusion recently in 2017 established an online platform to acts to help in administering training courses to all its global Talk Fusion Associates. The online platform was named Talk Fusion University. The initiative to launch this unique platform got spearheaded by Bob Reina who is the company’s CEO. He also credited for having founded the company and successfully steered it to its current stature.


Through this online channel, Bob Reina is expected to provide training videos to the company’s associates to train them to increase their marketing skills and professionalism. The videos also are supposed to be used by the associates to help them in establishing their businesses in a way that would result in them standing out from other competitors. The videos get geared towards helping businesses on how to increase their sales effectiveness to generate more profits and also gain customer trust and loyalty.


Talk Fusion has its associate spread across the world who go around marketing the innovative products by the company. As a network marketer himself, Bob first ventured into this profession in 1990. Initially, he was an officer and had worked at Hillsborough County.


When Talk Fusion University got launched many guests attended and the majority of them were international guests. To make things more interesting is the fact that the launch was broadcasted live at 11 a.m. on that fateful day in June 23rd.  Learn more: