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The Effects of Contraband Cell Phones in Prison with Robert Johnson

Securus Technologies is a high technology company that is based in Texas. Despite the emerging designers and the competitors in the field, there is none of them that have been able to take its position in the market. The company’s role is to connect the inmates with their loved ones in the free world. They also have a role in protecting the public from getting hurt by the convicts in jail.

Securus Technologies uses the Wireless Containment System to help stop the use of the contraband cell phones in the facilities. The option of eliminating the signals around the cells would have been perfect, but the federal law restricts jamming or blocking of signals from any area. What Securus Technologies is doing is providing a mobile system in the facilities. All the calls that come from the cells pass through them, and they have the power to do what they want with the calls. For the years that the firm has been in the market, they have managed to block 1.7 million inmates.

Convicts having contraband cells in the correctional facilities is a major hazard especially to the officers working in the prisons. It is equally hazardous to the public. Recently a baby was shot in his mum’s arms following an order from the facilities. They said that they were not pleased with the actions of the uncle of the nine months old baby.

Robert Johnson has vowed to keep working towards eliminating all the illegal phones in the cells, following his incidence with the issue at hand. Robinson remembers the fateful morning, which he thought was a normal day like the rest. He had woken up to go to work, but he never got to work on this particular morning. He heard a loud bang on his front door, and he called out to the intruder to come to the hallway to ensure his wife was not hurt.

Sure as he thought, the man came and after a little struggle they were joined by other men, and at this juncture, all he remembers is loads of guns pointed on his head and waking up in a hospital bed. Robert Johnson says that the doctors kept telling his wife that he couldn’t make it. His wife assured him that his purpose in life had not been fulfilled and he wouldn’t die. It must be this faith that held him back.

As his wife predicted, Johnson has been serving to eliminate the contraband cells that are in the facilities. He says that the inmates began the battle and he is the one to end it. Johnson has undergone more than 23 surgeries since the accident. He lives in pain every day of his life, but this has not stopped him from exercising his duty as the Securus Technologies consultant.